Airliner To Seoul Hijacked To North

December 11, 1969: Hijackers seized a Korean Airlines plane bound for Seoul with 51 persons aboard today and forced it to North Korea, airline officials said.


No details of the hijack were available. North Korea issued no report of the plane landing in its territory. 

The airline listed the Japanese-built YS-11 airliner as missing four hours after it was due in Seoul from Kangnung, 105 mils east of Seoul on South Korea’s east coast.

Dong-A Radion in Seoul quoted government authorities that the plane landed at Wonsan in North Korea within an hour after takeoff from Kangnung.

Wonsan is 140 miles north of Gangnung and 60 miles above the demilitarized zone separating the two Koreas. Airline officials said radio contact was lost with the plane shortly after takeoff.

The flight manifest listed four crewmembers and 47 passengers aboard the plane, all of them Koreans.

South Korean troops stationed along the eastern edge of the demilitarized zone reported seeing an unidentified airliner flying north to Communist territory about the time the plane was listed as missing.

This would be the second air piracy from the South to the North. On February 16, 1958, a Korean National Airlines’ DC3 flying from Pusan to Seoul was forced to North Korea. That plane was carrying 34 passengers, 26 of whom were returned to the South 18 days later.





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