141 Days of Hell, What about 40 Years?

August 7, 2009: Around 6 P.M. (local time) on the 5th, a private Boeing plane arrived at Bob Hope Airport in Burbank, just outside Los Angeles. Inside were two reporters, newly pardoned after being detained for 141 days in North Korea, and a former president of the United States. …

Hearing that former US President Bill Clinton urged the release of the South Korea detainees as well as the two Americans, Hwang noted, “This is something that the South Korean government should do. I hope that negotiations to repatriate the KAL abductees will follow the recent release of the reporters.”

Regardless, he lamented the lukewarm attitude of successive South Korean administrations, “For the last ten years, there has been no policy regarding repatriations. From the beginning, this hijacking should have been resolved as an abductees’ issue or from the perspective of protecting fellow countrymen, but this never happened.” Continue reading at Daily NK.