Hwang In-cheol Presents Petition to UNHRC Working Group

July 5, 2010: Hwang In-cheol, a representative of the Families of KAL Passengers Abducted to North Korea, presented a petition to the UN on June 17 in order to find out whether his father Won Hwang detained in North Korea was still alive and could be repatriated. …

In 2001, Seong Kyeong-hee, one of the flight attendants, attended the second reunion of separated families during the Korean War. She told her mom that Yu Byeong-ha and Choi Seok-man were still alive. In addition, Seong told her family that she and Jeong Kyeong-suk, who was also a flight attendant, were living in the same town.

Nevertheless, the North Korean government claimed a few days later that Jeong’s fate was unknown. Thus, except for these three people, Seong, Yu, and Choi, it is not known whether the other abducted South Koreans are still alive. Continue reading at Open Radio for North Korea.




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