Son Campaigns for Father’s Return but Pleas Fall on Deaf Ears

January 2, 2018: Thanks to Portia Chey for one of the most extensive articles about Mr. Hwang and his father.

“As soon as it landed, armed soldiers surrounded the aircraft and boarded. The 50 passengers and crew were blindfolded, loaded onto two buses and driven to a waiting room at the airport. More chilling than the minus-20 degrees Celsius temperature was the anxiety, fear and tension in the room.

Late in the evening, according to passengers later released, a three-star DPRK general appeared. “I’m so glad to meet my fellow countrymen,” the officer said. “We have been separated for the past 25 years. Since we can’t just sit here feeling depressed, let’s laugh together.” And with that, he let out a hearty guffaw. His captives stayed silent, however, depressingly aware that this was probably the beginning of a hellish journey.” Continue reading at South China Morning Post.




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