Human Rights Activists Defy NK’s Olympics Charm Offensive

Thank you to UPI‘s Elizabeth Shim for attending  today’s event and for writing about it so quickly and well. Here is an excerpt:

Hwang In-cheol, who told UPI in December he attempted to smuggle his father out of North Korea in 2013 following North Korea’s third nuclear test, said he is not optimistic about détente.

The longtime activist said that in 2006, during the administration of President Roh Moo-hyun, the government’s pro-engagement strategies did not help bring his father home.

“That was an era when people were chanting, ‘Unification! Unification!’,” Hwang told UPI, adding he had been collecting information on his father’s whereabouts at the time. “But the most important point is [victims of North Korea abductions] were being thoroughly alienated.” Continue reading at UPI.





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