North Korea has Held his Dad for Nearly 50 years

Thank you so much to USA Today‘s Thomas Maresca for attending last week’s event at The National Assembly and for the following article.

“North Korea’s charm offensive at the Olympics has made headlines, but not everyone here is delighted by the synchronized cheerleading squads or the enigmatic smile of dictator Kim Jong Un’s sister.

For Seoul resident Hwang In-cheol, 50, the North’s presence at the Winter Games reminds him of his father, who has been held captive in North Korea since 1969.” Continue reading at USA Today.

And also a huge thank you to Eben Appleton for this photo of the article in print. Eben is a staunch supporter of Mr. Hwang and TNKR. She even traveled to Korea recently to meet Mr Hwang and the TNKR team!





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