MH-370: NK Has Track Record of Hijacking Passenger Planes

This is quite “out there” but it does mention the hijacking of KAL YS-11 and for that Mr. Hwang is grateful.

March 28, 2014: In 1969, North Korea hijacked a plane and kidnapped the passengers and crew. 39 passengers were eventually released. The fate of the crew plus 7 passengers is still unknown. …

According to passenger testimony, one of the passengers rose from his seat 10 minutes after takeoff and entered the cockpit, following which the aircraft changed direction and was joined by three North Korean fighter jets. The aircraft landed at Sǒndǒk Airfield near Wonsan at 1:18 PM. North Korean soldiers boarded the aircraft afterwards, blindfolded the passengers, and instructed them to disembark. Continue reading at ETN Global Travel Industry News.

Action Demanded for Kidnapping Victims

March 18, 2014: “The state exists to protect the property and lives of its people. Who is the government working for if they continue to turn a blind eye to those trying to find their kidnapped family members? The Ministry of Unification has turned the other way when faced with the suffering of the families of those who were abducted… they are just as silent in the face of North Korea’s lies,” he said. Continue reading at The Daily NK.

action 2014

Family of Hijacked Plane Passenger Seek Permission to Visit NK

February 15, 2014: Family members of passengers and crew on Korean Air Lines flight KAL YS-11, which was hijacked and taken to North Korea in 1969, asked the Unification Ministry on Feb. 14 for permission to visit North Korea to find out for themselves whether the kidnapped passengers are dead or alive.


“February 14 was the day when some of the passengers on the hijacked plane came back, but 11 people, including my father Hwang Won, have still not returned even after 40 years,” said Hwang In-cheol, chairperson of the KAL YS-11 Families Committee. “Aside from one flight attendant who attended the divided family reunions in 2001, we do not know whether the other 10 people are still alive.” Continue reading at The Hankyoreh.

International Conference on Enforced Disappearances, Solidarity, Strategies & Solutions

January 21, 2014: The AFAD (Asian Federation Against Involuntary Disappearances) Secretary-General, Mary Aileen Diez-Bacalso called on the South Korean government to sign and ratify the International Convention for the Protection of All Persons from Enforced Disappearance in a conference held in Seoul, South Korea, entitled: International Conference on Enforced Disappearances, Solidarity, Strategies and Solutions.


The conference was opened with a moving video on the Korean Air flight YS-11, when the plane was hijacked by North Korean agents in 1969. 11 victims are still remaining in North Korea. In total, more than 500 cases of enforced disappearances against South Korean citizens have been committed by the North Korean Government. Continue reading at AFAD.