NK Statements to The UN


May 9, 2012: The three cases mentioned are not cases of enforced disappearances. There is no person in my country who has been enforced or involuntarily disappeared or detained against his or her will.

January 21, 2013: The cases are not worthy of consideration. Communications related to such cases are the extensions of stereotyped heinous anti-DPRK political plots by forces hostile to the DPRK, and therefore, have nothing to do with the lofty humanitarian mission of your Working Group.

July 22, 2015: The DPRK categorically rejects all such allegations an an integral part of the anti-DPRK “human rights” rackets. These rackets are only based on false information as fabricated by the so-called “defectors from the North” in order to make money for their living by defaming, slandering, their native places and even telling sheer lies.

Complete document is available here.

Families Call for Repatriation of 11 Abductees

November 5, 2012: Families of 11 South Korean citizens abducted by North Korea in 1969 plan to visit the North’s representatives to the United Nations in Switzerland to raise pressure on the country to repatriate the abductees, a representative for the families said Monday. The 11 were aboard a Korean Air service hijacked by the North.

The group representative said family members will fly to Geneva on Monday for a seven-day trip aimed at pressing the North to repatriate the 11, including the delivery of a letter to the North’s representatives calling for the repatriation. …

In response to the South Korean government’s call to verify the survival of the 11 abductees in 2006, the North said that was impossible. Continue reading at Yonhap News Agency.

Hijacked Passengers Finally Return Home

February 15, 1970: Thirty-nine passengers of a hijacked South Korean airliner returned to loved ones Saturday after spending 65 days in detention in Communist North Korea. Twelve others, including the crew, remained in North Korea along with the plane.


The returning South Koreans, some crying and others singing their national anthem, arrived in Seoul at 7:40 p.m., two hours after their release at the truce village of Panmunjom. Continue reading “Hijacked Passengers Finally Return Home”

NK Frees 39 on Plane

February 15, 1970: North Korea, giving less than 20 minutes notification, allowed 31 of the 50 people on board the Korean Airlines plane diverted just over two months ago to walk home through a Panmujon checkpoint Saturday.


The passengers were reported “happy” by UNC spokesperson and reporters at Freedom Bridge, near the truce village. After identification, the passengers were given coffee, milk, cigarettes, and fresh clothes sent by their families. Continue reading “NK Frees 39 on Plane”

Reds Claim Hijack Pilots Want Asylum

December 13, 1969: Radio Pyongyang indicated today the hijacking of a South Korean airliner to North Korea Thursday was the work of the two pilots who were asking political asylum.

Reds claim

The broadcast from the North Korean capital was monitored in Tokyo by the Japanese Broadcasting Corporation (NTK). It did not indicate the fate of the remainder of the 51 persons aboard the plane. Continue reading “Reds Claim Hijack Pilots Want Asylum”