KAL YS-11 Abductee Living Near Pyongyang

December 30, 2013: Hwang In Cheol has spent the last 14 years fighting for the repatriation of his father, who was abducted to North Korea as a result of a plane hijacking in 1969. Hwang, the 47-year-old representative of Association for Family Members of the KAL Kidnapping Victims, has been pushing the issue with barely any external help. However, in spite of domestic barriers and a highly uncooperative North Korean regime, he has not lost hope.

Thinking back to the beginning of his journey, Hwang recalls, “The first decisive opportunity to verify whether my father was alive or dead came at the 3rd round of separated family reunions in 2001. At those reunions, the mother of stewardess Seong Kyeong Hee met with her daughter. Seong had been abducted to North Korea with my father.” Continue reading at The Daily NK.




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