July 31, 2018 “North Korean Human Rights: Diplomacy, Documentation, and Advocacy”

Two days ago (July 31), at the request of Mr. Hwang In-cheol, we participated in a seminar organized by the Committee for Human Rights in North Korea (HRNK).

During the Q&A session, we mentioned how TNKR was helping Mr. Hwang, who is a “Living Witness” to the crimes of forced abduction and enforced disappearance committed by the North Korean regime, and asked how we could more effectively pressure the North Korean delegation at its 3rd Universal Periodic Review (UPR) scheduled for 2019.

At the 2nd UPR (2014), the North Korean delegation again flatly denied the existence of tens of thousands of South Korean citizens they had abducted over the past 7 decades.

In Korean (한국어): https://bit.ly/2LN0QAT





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